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Money Matters

November 5th - November 26th, 2017

Your Strategy Matters

November 5th, 2017   |   Jim Hammond

God has a game plan for your monney that works!! Why not trust God and begin working on these 5 Bible Basics About Money Matters?

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Your debt Matters

November 12th, 2017   |   Jim Hammond

Many people get all sophisticated and academic about debt and say, "Come on, there's good debt and then there's bad debt.  You know that debt is a tool than can be used for good."  It isn’t a sin to borrow, but the way our culture teaches us to use debt, is foolishness.

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Your giving Matters

November 19th, 2017   |   Jim Hammond

God placed in our hands resources, money, stuff, time, talents, and they're not ours.  He owns it.  God owns it all.   You and I are just managers.  We have a fiduciary trust responsibility to the owner (God) to do with his stuff as he tells us to do with his stuff.

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Your Future Matters

November 26th, 2017   |   Jim Hammond

What we do today affects tomorrow.  In our generation we are tempted to live today as if tomorrow doesn’t matter.  For some reason, many of us have difficulty connecting the dots to form an accurate picture of how money matters play out over time. 

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