At VVCC we take great care to sing songs that are grounded in Biblical truth and we believe that the music itself is not what is important.

God is the One who is important and music is merely a gift and tool from God with which we praise and worship Him. The church bringing praise and glorification to God (The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) is our goal regardless of the songs we choose or the styles we play them in. We do all that we can to present our music to Him with joy and excellence (Psalm 33:1-3) ranging from the vocalists and instrumentalists to the sound and lighting engineers and the computer techs. We try to create an atmosphere that invites people to see, experience, and respond to the greatness of God with as little distraction as possible.

Preview Our Music

These are songs from a Typical Sunday service:

1. Great Things - Phil Wickham

2. Children of God - Phil Wickham

3. Build My Life - Pat Barrett

4. Lamb Of God - Vertical Worship


Interested in serving with us?

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