VVCC Worship Team Audition

Once we receive your audition, it will be reviewed and we will try to contact you within a couple weeks. Submitting a video audition of yourself is required. If your video audition is accepted, we will set up a meeting with you and our Worship Ministries Pastor so that you can both get to know each other a little bit and discuss VVCC's "Worship Team Expectations" commitment.

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Copy and paste a URL link to your audition video in the box below. Video recorded with a smartphone is perfectly acceptable as long as you and/or your instrument can be clearly heard. This audition video can be anything that you believe shows your ability to be a valuable part of the Worship Team at VVCC. If your not sure what to do, a good option would be to play your instrument or sing along with a recording of a well known worship song, demonstrating your ability to match the part you are playing or singing with as well as demonstrating your ability to keep in tempo with the recording.
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If so where did you serve, for how long, and in what role? Why did you end up leaving that team?