Verde Valley Christian Church exists to help each of us take steps from wherever we are to where God wants us to be by growing us in grace and truth through Jesus Christ in relationships designed by Him.

The CORD Process is comprised of four separate courses that are designed to help you take steps closer to where God wants you to be. We want to live for God’s purpose, not our own. The goal of this process is life-change; we want to help you live with eternal significance that can only come from learning to love and follow a real God. 

We think you will find the information presented in these courses helpful. However, we are not looking to just dump information on you. We want to encourage transformation by developing supporting relationships to help you take steps. It is our prayer that through this process you will experience the life transformation that comes from God's amazing grace.


CORD Classes


The first class is for those who want to make (or have made) a commitment to Christ and would like to connect with His church. You will learn about why we do what we do, our mission, our strategy, and our environments. We then invite you to not do life alone and encourage you to consider joining this church. After the class, you are paired with an individual (that we call a coach) to continue the conversation and enjoy a meal together. Our coaches are individuals that have worked through the CORD process and are excited about helping others take steps closer to where God wants them to be.



This next class is for those who have completed Connect Life and the Connect Life Conversations with their coach. Order Life encourages you to do first things first with your time, talent, and treasure. Once again, after the class the conversation is continued with a coach who will help you take steps at your own pace.



The third class is for those who have completed ORDER Life and the Order Life Conversations with their coach. Ready Life is focused on saved people serving people.  We encourage you to follow the example of Christ by stepping down into the role of a servant. We believe each of us takes steps as we continue to serve as part of the church, which is the body of Christ. During Ready Life, we help you identify how you can serve in a role that best fits you by examining your gifts, experiences, abilities, and desires.



The final class is for those who have completed Ready Life. Do Life immediately follows Ready Life by encouraging you to begin doing ministry as part of the church in a serving team. We also briefly revisit the prior steps as they aren’t something that we check off our list and move on from; we need to continue taking steps, not doing life alone, doing first things first, and serving people. Now that you have went through the CORD process, we challenge you to begin inviting others to follow you as you follow Christ. By doing this, you are living with eternal significance.